Arioso | Campo Alla Sughera


Igt Toscana Bianco

Mediterranean voice

Vermentino vinified in purity for a wine that enhances the sand and the breeze of the Tuscan coast, a radiant pleasure to drink, enriched by savory notes and outstanding structure. Grapes carefully harvested by hand, and aging in stainless steel to preserve the delicacy of its aromatic profile. It refines in the bottle for two months.

An ethereal and luminous name, a hymn to the sky of the Tuscan coast caressed by the breezes of Libeccio and Mistral, glistening from the delicate refraction of the sun's rays on the sea.


Sensory notes

Brilliant straw yellow color with greenish reflections, the nose has clear and intense aromas of citrus fruit, flowers and wild herbs, green apple and summer pears. A full-bodied white wine with excellent acidity; in the mouth, it is pleasant and delicate, savory and lively, persistent with a mineral aftertaste.


It goes well with fish dishes such as salmon; sea bass or sea bass with a side of potatoes and baked vegetables; monkfish; fried cod and pasta with mussels. It’s perfect with white meats such as baked rabbit or with rosemary, larded or wrapped in bacon. Ideal with young and fresh cheeses.